The Different Strategy For Test Cricket In Best Fantasy App 

A Test match is all about patience and determination , as it tests the character of the players and team. The power of resistance always prevails in test cricket. As long as you resist at the crease, the opposition never breathe easy on the field. Fantasy cricket league got popularised due to the rise of T20 cricket all around the world but the strategy of fantasy cricket is slightly different in test cricket. A test match lasts for five days but in fantasy cricket you have only a chance to make a team and then you have to wait for five days. The selection in test cricket is predominant ,as  the strategy of T20 should be avoided while making the team for the test match. Fantasy cricket allows you to think of the game by considering all the elements, and test cricket is a longer format and that’s why selection is vital for winning in fantasy cricket.



In T20 cricket we choose the top order players more often due to the shortage of overs but in Test cricket we need to be cautious with our selections.   The selection of the top order batsman is not mandatory in test cricket because the batsmen have ample time in the test to pace the inning. A smart fantasy player never selects all top order players from both the teams because the most vital position in test cricket is the middle order of a team. Middle order batsman anchors the overall innings and provides stability to the batting unit. A top order batsman has the responsibility to negate the swing and make the ball older so the lower batsman can play with ease. 


Openers in test cricket can give you points if the conditions favour the batsman, but if bowlers have tail up in swinging conditions then certainly the batsman are in deep waters .  Fantasy players competing in test cricket should never follow or abide by the T20 strategies.  The selection of a fantasy test team requires deep knowledge of the sport. Nowadays, the youngsters are more inclined towards T20 cricket and that is why they have a tough time in team selection in the red ball cricket.  Selection of bowlers is also different from T20 cricket, as the conditions in test cricket are fairly different. The longer format of cricket allows fantasy players to select one dimensional attack in fantasy cricket but it’s not the same with T20 cricket. The playing conditions impact the outcome of the game more in Test cricket rather than white ball cricket.